How to save earth

Since long ago people think they can control nature almost in very way is possible, but what they have yet to realize is that in fact, they are part of it and the all the natural resources will eventually vanish. Given the fact that human activity is the major factor of pollution, it is every individual’s responsibility to restore the ecosystem back to its healthy balance.

With news about global warming, endangered habitats or water contamination, you may think the actions of one person cannot make a huge difference, but there are plenty of ways to help. Change your personal habits and educate others about the importance of earth saving. Dispose of waste properly, reduce resources used for unnecessary activities and opt for sustainable energy alternatives.

Air is greatly damaged by vehicle exhaust and factories, which also destroy lakes and forests. Switch your car to an electric or hybrid one to decrease both smog and expenses. Available in various models, they have become very popular lately. As big companies and industries are the prime culprits of large-scale water pollution, citizens should report incidents to the Minister of Environment and volunteer to clean up beaches and water banks.

Be an activist in energy conservation and shift to solar panels, disposable batteries or LED light bulbs to minimize the electricity you use in your home and protect animal habitats and plants. Endangered animal hunting is a sure way to destroy the planet’s natural equilibrium. Whether you want to improve the welfare of your favorite species of animals, or you wish to rescue all types of animals and plants from extinction, join a dedicated group.

For a healthier tomorrow, people should plant trees and rehabilitate forests all over the world. A tree will not only provide shade and add beauty, but it will give oxygen to the earth and clean the air as well. Because the effects of climate change like melting glaciers are a real threat to the longevity of the earth, everyone should put health above profits and do their own part.